File Your 2019 - 2020 Federal Tax Extension Online

2019 - 2020 Federal Tax Estimator

Calculating your federal tax estimate has never been easier with our simple to use tax calculation tool below. This tool allows you to calculate your federal income tax liability in just seconds. You can also determine your income tax rate for the tax brackets you fall into.

Good Tax Return Estimation Practices

Sheltering Your Income From TaxesEstimating your income tax situation several times a year is a good way to avoid unpleasant surprises.

No doubt we have all experienced unexpected financial setbacks that leave us a little frazzled.

Knowing what your tax liabilities are throughout the year will allow you to better prepare for meeting any financial obligation you will have with the Internal Revenue Service.

Another advantage to staying on top of your tax debt is the ability to plan better for taking advantage of tax breaks.

Tax deductions are a great way to shelter your income from taxes. They can help you lower your tax bill and keep more of those labored earnings you have been receiving in your own pocket.

Calculate federal tax liability online for free!

It's a task that can be completed quite simply, and the tax calculation process takes just mere seconds to complete.

Just use the tax estimator below, or use one of the TurboTax or H&R Block tax calculator links below. Our calculator tool is easy to use by selecting your filing status and tax year, then enter your tax year. You will need to make 3 calculations from the drop down menu and add them together.

  • Federal Tax
  • Social Security Tax
  • Medicare Tax

Calculators require no personal identification information, Try One!

FREE Federal Tax Estimate with TurboTax

FREE Federal Tax Estimate with H&R Block

The estimator below lets you Calculate Income Tax Return obligations for simple returns. If you have deductions and exemptions, instead of a net income figure, use the TurboTax or H&R Block calculators to factor in deductions.

How Federal Taxes Add Up!

Federal income taxes are assessed and collected by the Internal Revenue Service and Uncle Sam is not very kind to anyone who neglects there tax payment responsibilities.Federal Taxing Entities

Take my advice and don't mess with the IRS. Not meeting your tax payment obligations will result in penalty and interest charges that  do add up quickly.

Your taxes are assessed for:

  1. Income tax payments that run our country, or better described as our governments wasteful budget.

  2. Social Security payments are assessed to support the retirement system

  3. Medicare payments are assessed to support out health coverage system.

With our federal tax estimate tool above you can calculate each of these taxes individually to see what each of these entities charge and how they stack up as the percentage each one takes from your income. Then add them together to see how deep Uncle Sam will be digging into your pocket.

Fact is we all need to keep better track of our tax bill to insure were taking advantage of tax deductions to keep it as low as possible.